NameJohann Georg Fehrenbacher
BirthApr 24, 1768, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
DeathApr 5, 1851, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
FatherMatthias Ferenbacher (1702-1778)
MotherMaria Anna Johner (-1783)
BirthNov 23, 1780, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
DeathOct 23, 1812, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
FatherSebastian Motz (ca1754-1821)
MotherElisabetha Gießinger (1752-1786)
ChildrenJohann Georg (1798-)
 Augustin (1800-1874)
 Johann Georg (1804-)
 Catharina (1806-1866)
 Maria Anna (1808-1863)
 Michael (1810-1897)
BirthMar 7, 1788
DeathOct 21, 1845
FatherSebastian Gäntzhirt (1752-1797)
MotherAnna Maria Giedemann (1753-1799)
MarriageDec 9, 1812, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
ChildrenJosefa (1813-1813)
 Euphrosina (1814-1815)
 Markus (1816-)
 Johann Georg (1818-1884)
 Matthias (1821-1885)
 Franziska (1823-1905)
 Joannes (-1830)
 Maria Eva (1828-1843)
 Viktoria (1832-1905)
Notes for Johann Georg Fehrenbacher
Johann Georg was a mason ("Maurer"). He was the father of five children who immigrated to the United States and lived in Cambria County, Pennsylvania -- Augustin, Michael, George, Matthias, and Viktoria. Fr. Modestus Wirtner, Augustin's grandson, related the following family story about Johann Georg:

[see image linked at the photo icon for the marriage of Johann George and Maria Motz]

The somewhat unsatisfactory story as told by Fr. Modestus has variations that have surfaced over the years. For example, in John E. Gable's History of Cambria County, it states that "George Fehernbach" left home for Trier, not Vienna; and that the new house had two stories, not three. It also adds that George was pressed into service a few days after his marriage, and that the bakery he opened was the first ever in the village. Gable no doubt learned the story from Fr. Modestus, who is the subject of a detailed vignette in his book. Therefore, the primary narrative above is perhaps the more reliable account.
Notes for Maria Katharina (Spouse 1)
Johann Georg's first wife was the daughter of Sebastian and Elisabetha (Gießinger) Motz. Sebastian was a farmer (bauer) and the son of Matthias Motz.
Notes for Franziska (Spouse 2)
Johann Georg's second wife Franziska was the daughter of Sebastian and Anna Maria (Giedmann) Gäntzhirt. Sebastian was a day laborer (taglöhner) descended from an Andreas Genshirth, who died in 1732.
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