NameMichael Fehrenbacher
BirthAug 26, 1810, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
DeathMar 16, 1897, Blacklick Township, Cambria County, Pa.
BurialSt. Nicholas Church Cemetery, Nicktown, Pa.
FatherJohann Georg Fehrenbacher (1768-1851)
MotherMaria Katharina Motz (1780-1812)
BirthMar 15, 1812, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
DeathDec 10, 1850, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
FatherFelix Stumpp (1776-1849)
MotherMaria Anna Andlauer (1785-1849)
MarriageMay 8, 1837, Kirsche St. Cyprian und Justina, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
ChildrenCharles / Karl (1834-1909)
 Bernhard (1835-1862)
 Theresia (1837-1839)
 Josefine (1839-1901)
 Anselm (1841-1891)
 Emma (1843-1883)
 Reinhard (1845-1918)
 Bertha (1847-1920)
 Leonhard (1848-1920)
 Anna Maria (1850-1851)
BirthApr 23, 1819, Ringsheim, Offenburg, Baden, Germany
DeathJan 15, 1893, Sleepy Eye, Minn.
MarriageMar 27, 1851, Kirsche St. Cyprian und Justina, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
ChildrenKarl Friedrich (Adopted) (1848-1919)
 Martin (Twin) (1851-~1860)
 August (Twin) (1851-<1860)
Notes for Michael Fehrenbacher
Michael Fehrenbacher was a stone mason. He and his wife Mary Ann were natives of Kappel am Rhein, Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany.

Michael brought his family to the United States, arriving aboard the “Pacific” in New York City on September 18, 1854, from La Havre, France. The ship manifest identifies “Michel Fehrenbacher” (46), Gertrude (34), Josephine (24), [illegible male - likely Anselm], Emma (9), Reinhard (8), Bertha (5), Charles (4), Leonard (4), Martin (3/4) and Auguste (3/4). The oldest children Charles/Karl and Bernhard are not on the manifest, because they arrived the prior year with their aunt Viktoria. The manifest’s entry of 4-year-old Charles is likely a mistake for the child Frederick, who fits into the birth order shown. The arrival on the American-made Collins line vessel brought 320 passengers after 17 died at sea. The Pacific was one of four passenger vessels in the Collins fleet, 282’ x 45’ with two side lever engines, 3 masts and a wooden hull. It was active from 1850 until it disappeared during a voyage from Liverpool in 1856.

Michael’s family settled for a period in Pennsylvania. Michael declared his intent to become a United States citizen in Cambria County Court on December 11, 1854, and became naturalized on October 3, 1860, as witnessed by his brother Augustin and an Adam Stoltz.
According to the 1860 Census, "Michael Farabaugh" was a 50 year old farmer in Carroll Township, Cambria County, Pa., with realty valued at $1000 and personalty worth $400. His wife Gertrude was 46 years old, and there were seven resident children. Michael assisted with construction of St. Nicholas Church, Nicktown, Pa., in about 1867. According to the 1870 Census, "Michael Farabaugh" was a 58 year old farmer in Carroll Township who could not read or write English, and had land worth $1200 and personalty worth $225. His wife "Catharine" was a 51 year old "house keeper" who also could not read or write English, and there were no children residing at their home.
Except for the oldest child Charles/Karl, all of Michael’s children began relocating West after the Civil War. Anselm went in Waterloo, Iowa. Emma Marx eventually left for Kansas. The others went to Renville County, Minn., starting with Josephine Reger, whose daughter was born there in 1865. For the period roughly from 1868-1875, Reinhard, Bertha, Leonhard, Frederick and Martin all relocated to Minnesota, where their farmlands are identified in the Renville County atlases. Michael soon followed by moving to Beaver Falls in Renville County, Minnesota. He and “Catharine” are found there in the 1875 state Census. It is not known why his wife is identified as “Catharine” for the second time. According to the 1880 Census, "Michal Farnbow" was a 69 year old unemployed laborer in Beaver Falls, Minn., living with his 59 year old wife "Gertrud," a housekeeper. The 1885 shows they were still in Beaver Falls. In the 1895 Territorial and State census for Minnesota, Michael, age 83, is listed as a 23 year resident of the state, and had been living for one month in Bismarck Twp., Sibley Co., Minn., with the family of his son Reinhart.

Although the History of Renviille County states that Michael returned to Pennsylvania in 1897, his Will in Cambria County, Pa., is dated earlier, on October 4, 1896. It asked for six Masses, for the repose of his soul. It appointed son Charles to be executor and granted him the sum of $700; $200 to daughter Matilda for attending to his properties in Beaver Falls and Sleepy Eye, Minn., which were to be sold to the best advantage; $100 to son Rinehart, “if he pays the Eighty Dollars he owes me, if he don’t pay the Eighty Dollars he is to get nothing”; $100 to daughter Josephine; $200 to son Leonard; $1 to daughter Bertha; $100 to step-son Frederick; and $100 to the heirs of Emma Marks. There was no residue clause. Michael died of "lung trouble" the following year.
Notes for Maria Anna (Spouse 1)
The Stumpp family has been traced back to a shoemaker named Lazarus Stumpp, who married four times and died in 1780.
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