NameMaria Anna Johner
DeathFeb 5, 1783, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
FatherFranz Ludwig Joner (-1711)
BirthJan 22, 1702, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
DeathApr 8, 1778, Kappel am Rhein, Baden, Germany
FatherMartin Ferenbacher (ca1668-1748)
MotherAnna Maria Böhm (-1741)
MarriageJun 15, 1767
ChildrenJohann Georg (1768-1851)
 Maria Magdalena (1769-1809)
 Martin (1770-)
 Markus (1772-1852)
 Lorenz (1776-)
Notes for Matthias (Spouse 1)
Matthias was a farmer (Bauer) and a magistrate (Gerichtsmann) in Kappel am Rhein, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, Germany.
His first wife Anna Maria was the daughter of Jakob and Katharina (Florian) Dalmann, which became the surname "Tholmann." Their son Matthias Ferenbacher was a farmer (bauer) and day laborer (taglöhner). Sebastian was also a day laborer.
Matthias' second wife Katharina was the daughter of Johann Georg and Katharina (Faller) Hämmerlin. His third wife Magdalena was the daughter of Nikolaus and Ursula (Schätzle) Nodler. She died on Friday, the 13th of April, 1767.
Matthias' fourth wife was Maria Anna, the only child of Franz Ludwig and Maria Salomea (With) Joner, which became the surname "Johner." Similarly, the Ferenbacher name was altered to "Fehrenbacher" by their children. Their son Martin was a day laborer (taglöhner) and Markus was a farmer (bauer). Most Farabaughs in Cambria County are descended from their first child, Johann Georg.
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