NameMichael Joseph Farabaugh
BirthNov 27, 1878, Elder Township, Cambria County, Pa.
DeathJul 3, 1959, Carrolltown, Pa.
BurialSt. Benedict Church Cemetery, Carrolltown, Pa.
FatherJoseph Farabaugh (1854-1947)
MotherAnna Mary Conrad (1859-1906)
BirthJun 16, 1881, Nicktown, Pa.
DeathMay 10, 1917, Carrolltown, Pa.
BurialSt. Benedict Church Cemetery, Carrolltown, Pa.
FatherAdam J. Lieb (1853-1916)
MotherMary Cecilia Luther (1858-1948)
MarriageJun 17, 1903, St. Nicholas Church, Nicktown, Pa.
ChildrenHelen Mary (1905-1989)
 Edwin Michael (1906-1993)
 Anna Mary (1907-1995)
 Naomi Mary (1909-1999)
 Frederick Michael (1911-1999)
 Adam Lieb (1913-1986)
 Rosemarie Harriet (1915-2010)
BirthApr 12, 1895, Ashville, Pa.
DeathMay 28, 1979, R. D., Ebensburg, Pa.
BurialCarrolltown, Pa.
FatherEdward Francis Trexler (1869-1945)
MotherBridget Grimes (1871-1897)
MarriageAug 22, 1949, St. Benedict's Church, Carrolltown, Pa.
ChildrenMichael Norman (1918-1997)
 Coletta Mary (1919-2003)
 Joseph M. (1921-1921)
 Mary Margaret (1922-2014)
 Mary Martha (1924-1999)
 Mary Joanne (1925-1983)
 Walter Michael (1926-2022)
 Mary Ellen (1930-2000)
 Mary Elizabeth (1931-2013)
 UNNAMED (1934-1934)
Notes for Michael Joseph Farabaugh
Mike Farabaugh was one of Carrolltown's most popular and influential residents. He was raised in Susquehanna Township, Cambria County, Pa.

In his youth Mike worked as a printer for the old Cresson Record and had his own butcher shop in Carrolltown. In 1905, when he was 26, he became the burgess of Carrolltown and served in intervals for 20 years. In 1910, he bought his father's photography studio. Fire destroyed the studio about 1920, and 22,000 negatives were destroyed. Mike started over in the rooms at the east end of the old Eckenrode Store building, later occupied by the American Legion. He then built the two story Farabaugh Studio, with its cameras on the ground floor and its developing facilities on the second floor. He retired from his photography in 1957, and relatives discarded virtually all of his negatives after he died in 1959.

Mike was a Justice of the Peace for 17 years, and a member of the borough council in later life. He also raised prize-winning beagles. He played the violin and clarinet, and had his own orchestra in the 1920's. He had a foster daughter, Margaret Delaney.
Notes for Bernetta M. (Spouse 1)
Bernetta died of exhaustion following the onset of puerperal sepsis in 1917.
Notes for Maude Catherine (Spouse 2)
Following the early death of her mother, Maude was raised in Carroll Township by Peter C. and Catharine Noel. In 1900, she was a 5 year old "servant" born in Pa. in April, 1895. After Peter died of typhoid fever in 1908, Maude and her foster mother Catharine are found on Pond Street, Carrolltown, in the 1910 Census.

Maude was a young assistant to Michael Farabaugh at his photo studio and started a family with him soon after the death of Bernetta. This caused considerable controversy at the time. However, Maude was universally loved by both the first and second of Michael’s families, which jointly had large, gregarious reunions over the decades.
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